We tried: Montpellier's Best Hipster Bar.

February 5, 2017

A brand new experiment brought to you by The Sight Team. Discover one of the best spot to drink a couple of cocktails in the South of France. 


 Willie Carter Sharpe, It is all about identity. Based on a prohibition spirit, old as the bourbon that smells vanilla, the bar has its own personality, from the style itself (which reminds us of an American local bar back in the 20's) to the bartenders who wear a perfectly trimmed mustache, that would make blush the proudest of dandies. 


The menu is quite impressive, with both cocktails and different types of finger food. The spirit is well-respected and promises a fantastic travel at the end of the road. Both the discovery and the unusual food justify the price, which is a little bit higher than in a random bar, needless to say that we would rather be in this prohibition-inspired bar where the staff is lovely, than the bar at the corner of the street. 


The atmosphere is really welcoming and relaxing, and it is easy to stay there the whole night. Why? Because it is the kind of place where you just want to be yourself and talk to random strangers. A piece of advice, avoid the rush hours if you're coming there as a group, otherwise it might be complicated for you to settle in there. 


In Conclusion…


We recommend the Willie Carter Sharpe 200%, for both students who want to find a place to chill, to free spirited people who love cocktails. 



Willie Carter Sharpe
3 rue Collot – 34 000 Montpellier
09 84 11 64 53

Ouverture : 7/7


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