Vegan #1: Warm feet

February 11, 2017

When winter comes we want to keep our little feel warm. But when we have to update our shoe collection for the colder days it is not always an easy task, especially if you're not willing to wear leather. Leather might have a reputation for quality but it is also very cruel. If you're living vegan or just don't want to participate in the abuse of innocent creatures, I gathered here a few options to be fashionable this winter without compromising your ethics!



Lulu's is an online fashion store and offers a “vegan shoes” category so there's no need for the hassle. Just click, wonder at the beauty, add to cart and off you go. Their boot selection for the winter is plenty so you'll definitely find something you like!


See Lulu's



I don't think I need to introduce Asos at this point. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, Asos whirlwinded its way to the top of the online boutiques market. You have so many options and the tip to shop vegan is this: when in the shoe category, simply tick the box “other material” on the filter bar on the side. There you go, it'll remove all leather options. Be careful of some suede shoes left for example but a simple check of the shoes' composition will tell you if you have the green light. You have now entered Asos' shoe paradise where all shapes and colors and prices are available. Congrats.


See Asos


(This link as well as all the other ones takes you directly to the right page as mentioned. Yeah I know you're all lazy bums. You can thank me later.)


Matt & Nat

A vegan brand, eco-friendly and inspired by nature? Canadian Matt & Nat have it all. Their seemingly simple and minimalistic design always have a little twist which makes for luxurious but modest items. And we dig it.

P.S: The sale season is still on at Matt & Nat so do check them out!


See Matt & Nat


Vans, Veja & Co

Vans, Veja, Doc Martens and probably other famous brands all have a vegan section now on their online stores too. If you love sneakers or Docs there's no reason why you shouldn't have your own pair!


See Vans


See Veja


See Doc Martens


If you still haven't found your glass slipper...

There's a bit trickier way but efficient nonetheless to find your dream shoe and that is to simply shop in store wherever you are. Bring along your patience and pick your favorite shops such as H&M, Aldo, Texto or any other shop that you like because they do carry a lot of the time vegan shoes (you just need to know what to look for). It's pretty simple: each pair of shoes has a little sticker on the inside or on the sole which describes their components:


If the sticker only shows the third or fourth symbol, congratulations! You found yourself a vegan pair of shoes. Number 3 is textile and number 4 is other material like rubber or elastomer. If the sticker shows number 1 or 2, walk your way because those indicate leather in the shoe.


Just to let you know, i've already bought vegan shoes from Gemo, New Yorker, Pimkie, H&M... The list goes on just like my shoes collection!)


There you have it! Vegan shoes are no longer a secret to you. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and let us know if you have any other tips or places where to shop vegan shoes, as well as your questions. We'll gladly answer them! As for me, i'll go back to my shopping now ;)


P.S: My selection of favorite vegan winter shoes awaits you on The Sight's Pinterest:


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