THE OA : The UFO that does some good

February 2, 2017

The OA is part of these TV UFO's that constantly oscillate between genius and madness.

Netflix did it again! By choosing to produce "The OA" by Brit Marling and Zat Batmanglij, they offered us a show with a wide range of human emotions. It's easy, you either like it, or hate it. Simple as that.


The story…


Prairie Jonhson, a young woman that went missing for 7 years is back from god knows where. She recovered her sight, she, who's been blind for the major part of her childhood. God's miracle, medical mystery, every hypothesis is brought to the center of the stage in an attempt to explain the inexplicable.


Her parents soon realise that she's been crippled in a way, with her back covered with strange signs, but Prairie simply refuses to tell her story.


It's soon the beginning of a colorful adventure which will mix dream and fantasy, leading Prairie and her new friends to the borders of the unknown. 


The Meaning…


To be 100% honest, this series made by Netflix is open to many interpretations and reminds us of a Lost kind of spirit. Because the lines between dream and reality are blurred, it's difficult to untangle what's right from what's wrong. But it doesn't really matter because the beauty and the poetry are sufficient enough to take you to undiscovered territories. 




You have to make your own mind about Netflix's OA because its uniqueness makes it hard to apprehend. We won't spoil you the whole plot because you would probably be completely lost in doing so. But you can trust us, Netflix's OA is a masterpiece. 


Available on Netflix.


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Pourquoi "The Sight"?


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