Santa Clarita Diet, a Dexter under oestrogen

February 8, 2017

Santa Clarita diet, is the freaking-crazy-new TV show from Netflix. Imagine a cross-over between Desperate Housewives, Dexter and Charlie’s Angels, you’ve got the idea?



We cope with a Drew Barrymore crazy as ever, embodying the real estate agent Sheila Hammond, who becomes a zombie after having thrown up one of her organ (probably caused by a virus, but, who knows).


Then a funny plot twist appears, because yes, she is a zombie, but not the heartless kind of one, she is more of a mother/wife/ type of zombie who starts to keep some bodies in her freezer, with the agreement of her husband of course!


The atmosphere (aside from the cannibalistic kind of touch) is not heavy at all, and is refreshing when you compare it to The Walking Dead ou Z Nation, because the story is set up in a suburban area changing the game completely by imposing some original preoccupations: diet, family issues, professional life, etc.


Adding some spice: a bit of gut and maybe a piece of hand for the road.


What we think about it:


We L-O-V-E it. This is a humoristic TV show which doesn’t want to push you into deep-thoughts mode, but rather offer you a WTF moment. We laugh, and we even want to drink a cocktail, with some toes…crackers! We meant crackers!


Available on Netflix.

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