We discovered the secret recipe for happiness.

February 8, 2017

More than a trend, hygge (pronounced “heugue” if it helps…) is a lifestyle supposed to bring you happiness on a daily basis. Here is how it works.


These past 10 years, a huge number of socio-psychological studies have been created to rate mankind’s happiness. It is by analysing a couple of factors specially handpicked for these studies’ purpose, that many scientists were able to rate various countries according to the level of happiness of their respective population.


Danemark is first in line. Often considered as a utopia, this country might have found the secret, and its name is “hygge”.


Hygge is "building a cocoon".


Hygge (in Norway, it means “well-being”) is kind of the same thing as the Christmas spirit but applied to the whole wintery season, meaning blanket on a couch, hot chocolate, your favourite pair of socks, and sharing moments with friends and family. Say hangovers your goodbyes because it is now time for you to take some time off, for you and the ones you love.


It is by applying this brand-new spirit that you will be a lot calmer, relieved. Don’t believe that it’s about running away from your problems, because you would be misunderstanding the whole point. It is about granting you the time that’s necessary to heal, to find your inner voice, and share your discoveries with your loved ones.


There is no miracle solution because happiness is something that you build from scratch, one step at a time, seeing things in a different way, allowing you to slow down a bit.


So, next time you feel blue, sit back and relax, put on your favourite pyjamas, your beloved socks, you know the ones which are as thick as a natural fur, and GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO THINK, AND ENJOY.


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