We tried : Going out for a party on a barge.

February 2, 2017

Last week end, after having packed my bags and having grabbed a couple of extra shirts, I took the train to go to Paris for a week end among my friends.  My leather sneakers and I both wanted to live the life with a Paris kind of touch, to see if my plans about moving there were good ones. You see it coming? The answer is yes!


My bags had barely touched the floor, that we were already in the subway to go party on a…barge. Once we got there, I immediately smelled the scent of what makes a good party with friends.


This type of party is the perfect example of what it is like to be someone living in the French capital. Most people talk to each other, using a lot of different languages, without having to try too hard. If you want to go there, you must know that the entrance fee is free if you get there before midnight. We did but arrived a bit late, so we had to pay 15 euros (sh*t) to join the party.


The general atmosphere is young, warm, and all these different people coming from all over the globe formed a homogenous group.


With more than one room, you find yourself swimming on different currents, on one side you will find some house music, on the other something a bit more techno-ish, but you will easily find what you’re looking for. We did. We grabbed a couple of shots, and “we danced, and we laughed”.


Exploring The Concrète a bit more (yes that’s the name you want to type while browsing on Google) we had the huge pleasure of finding a photo booth in which my friends and I rushed without asking for an invitation. Smothered like a group of salmon, the first attempt at taking a good picture was a total failure. We tried again, and the memory of that night was finally on paper.


Time goes by. And we keep dancing going from one room to another. And it’s a blast!


You get it now? There is nothing bad to say about La Concrète ‘cause we are rooting for it. So, don’t wait too much and next time you’ll be in Paris, just give it a try and tell us what you thought about it.


La bise.


La Concrète
Port de la rapée.
Paris 12ème.
Métro Gare de Lyon – Austerlitz – Quai de la rapée.


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