We've tried Spotern, the best way to get the looks you see on TV!

March 24, 2017

What if you could in an instant, get some looks? What if those same looks are coming from hit shows and movies, worn by those we can easily call gods and godesses? Just a click, and a few days later, the outfits are in your closet? You get it right? For you we've tried Spotern, the best way to become a fashion icone Review.


Who's never wanted to imitate some style you see on your TV screens, in shows like Riverdale, Murder or Supernatural. This shows are true sources of inspiration for the ones who are working on their looks on a daily basis. When we come across an add on facebook saying "Get the style of those you admire", we have to click on it (even if the bank account has already become rogue).


The concept...

It's all about cooperating with other people to be able to find outfits on different plateforms. If the look is not to be found or too expensive, you have other alternatives thanks to a system of close match/perfect match. The browsing system is efficient and simple enough, allowing you to drop your wanted request. Once on the website, we found a really easy system, allowing those who are not nerd enough, to find their hapiness too. Hit shows are appearing on the top, almost pushing us far from the boundaries of decency, making us want to sell everything to get a dress or an outfit! 



The idea is simple but smart AF, this is also a french company (yeah we're proud!) so this is even greater! 



- 5/5 for the idea. The online fan base is so wide, that a website like Spotern was necessary.
4/5 for the content. There is a complete range of items, and even if you won't find every single thing, it is sufficient enough.
3/5 for the price. This might be the only bad point. The problem is that (mainly for the perfect matches) items can be quite expensive, not everyone can afford the cost. 
5/5 for the team who kindly allowed us to use pictures to illustrate the article, thus being really friendly.


SPOTERN, that's the site for the fashion addict, outfit lovers, and glitter consumers.

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