The first EP of Computer Games is OUT!

March 10, 2017

Okay, we have to say it, we were OVER THE MOON when we discovered the new project coming from the Criss brothers (Chuck, a very talented artist, and Darren also known for his breakout star role in the hit series Glee, and his impersonation of Broadway iconic shows). They now are being called “Computer Games” and for the geeky chic team we are, this is it!



“Lost Boys Life” takes you back to the 80’s, we discover a purely pop atmosphere with funky instrumentals full of colours. We just want to put on those tight jeans, and start listening to some of Wham’s best songs. We start our musical trip with “Every Single Night”, and we are already dancing. Both a joyful anthem and a captivating melody, we could just stop listening here and go buy the EP without any second thoughts. Released on March 8th, the video already skyrocketed with more than 40 000 views, and nothing seems to be able to stop the Criss tornado.


We like it.

Second song, we are ON BOARD! We jump in our convertible car to go God knows where! We connect with the pop music we like, simple, straight to the point, with some guitar riffs that will blow your mind. The mix of all these influences is homogenous and works so well.


Lost boys life.

This is when we can see that Computer Games has still some astonishing songs in store. We leave the fun side behind, and we enter a nostalgic melody that takes our heart in an instant. We like everything: the electronic music reminding us of old videos games, Darren’s voice that we’ve been missing so much, and some lyrics in which you can easily see yourself.


Computer Games is a back-to-the-pop-music’s roots kind of group, and we are lit!

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