Talk Write #3: From the idea to the page, there is one context !

May 4, 2017

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Maylis : Hey Jordan ! Today, we swap roles and this time I shall begin the conversation !


Jordan : -Laughing- This is really weird not to be in charge, but I'm more than curious about it ! I am all ears !


Maylis : I don't know if you can recall, but last times, we've shared some tips about how to start creating a story. Today, if you're ok with it, I'd like to discuss how to actually start the writing process, which is slightly different. It is good to have the framework in mind, but sometimes it just doesn't want to get out ! We've talked about moods, and emotions allowing us to write, but being able to write only when you're sad or pissed off, it's far from being healthy


How do you do to deal with it? 


Jordan : Holy Molly ! That is a wide subject, and really in touch with my general mood because as you know, I'm actually writing a story on my own. It's true that sometimes doubts can eat you alive, making it even harder to write. But this is a phenomenon that can occur even without the doubt problem. I can't count how many times it has happened to me that is why I've decided not to force the machine when it does not want to work, if you see what I mean. I still have to kick my own ass sometimes to trigger the writing process though. 


Most of the time it actually works. Another technique, and maybe be this is slightly personal, is reading the two previous chapter before starting to write the new one. I think it allows me to catch the train of thoughts I had when I'm writing them. It makes it easier to find the inspiration I had. My second advice, and here again it might be personal, but I know that to each writing phase, there is a reading one during which I'm almost doing it as a psychopath. It is by reading a wide range of books belonging to different genres that I harvest some ideas for mine. I'll read something and tell myself internally : "well, that's weird, my character would not do that in this situation...but how would he react then?". Usually it plants the seed that will pull my writing button. 


How is it for you ? I'm curious because I know you tend to ask yourself a lot of question, way more than I do to myself when you read a book? Do you think it has an impact on what you write? 



Maylis : Non not quite actually. I join you when you say that reading triggers the writing process, but more on the construction of my personal universe, because I ask myself "how did the author do that?"


Same as you, once I get into it, it usually flows by itself.


But the main problem is to get to it. I don't know how to do it regularly. I may succeed in doing so when I'm in a weird setting to get to it, if that makes sense. I remember during summer times, I used to work in an office, where we sometimes had not so many clients during the day, so I used that time to write, but apart from this setting, I can't force myself. I know you've started a new story, and you are really efficient at doing so. What is your secret ? 


Jordan : The rule of the 3.


Maylis : The rule of the 3? 


Jordan : Firstly, put yourself into a quiet setting, a lonely one. I can't write when there is movement around me, or people chatting. I'm really talking about pure writing, because if I'm only working on a draft, I don't really care.  The second rule is what I explained about reading the previous chapters. The third one. One word, Five letters. Music. I put my ear plugs and listen to a music that is matching the emotional framework of the character. It is often what allows me to really get into "one's head" if that makes sense?


Maylis : Totally that's the same thing for me ! It can be for an emotional setting, or even just a scene itself. I would be incapable of writing without it. 


Thanks Jordan for all of these advices. For our dear readers, you can discover our playlists just above the article ! Do not hesitate sharing your tips with us, or even your own play lists. Next time, we will receive a person who has got all our admiration and respect because she succeeded in having her book published, and she'll come to share her secrets with us. 


Jordan : I can't wait !


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