Talk Write #1: The beginning

March 16, 2017

We settle in front of a cup of tea, show time…


To those who feel the need to write their hearts out on a piece of paper, poets, songwriters, novelists, journalists or simple student, this section is tailor-made. Here you will find some tips we use to write, we are not professionals yet, but we’ve gathered a set of tips that comes handy when writing.


Therefore, we are not here to teach you how to write, only to explore some leads to help improve your writing (leaving your ego intact.) We will share with you our techniques, secrets, our little things to be efficient, and become the best version of ourselves. This new section is here to answer those never-ending questions we all have to face: How to get going? How to get over some troubles? How to feel inspired? Etc.



Maylis : I’ve often found myself thinking that people are often considering art to be a passion or a hobby, thus depreciating its true nature. Family members are always pushing the young ones to feel complete in fields that make money, be a biochemist my son, but not a writer I’m begging you. And sometimes they believe it, tossing their hopes aside.


Jordan : I agree 100% with you. Growing up, I had so many clashes with my family about this very subject, meaning trying to explain to them that you can follow your heart, your passion, and still have a great life, this is a very intimate question. And I’m still fed up with those believes that money brings happiness, this is non-sense to me. I think it is our duty as old teenagers, or young adults it depends how you see this, to try to bring this question under different lights.


Maylis : Once again I’m on your team, shall we go for it then?


Jordan : Yep’ !


Maylis : Writing, among all the art forms, is the expression of the one behind it. It is difficult not to take criticism personally; instead we should try to take them as they are: means to improve one style and get better at writing. We all felt kind of hurt by someone telling what we did can be improved, even when you are really trying to get an objective opinion on your work.


Jordan : It reminds me of the first times we shared our work with each other -laughing- I was so scared about what you would say, but at the same time I really needed an opinion coming from the outside. This type of paradox (silly AF) is happening every day! And then your opinion came up, sometimes going against mine. I needed some time to take that in, separating my heart from my brain to really understand what you meant. And you were often right…you still are. This is what I like writing with you, because you bring a different sight on things, both different and complementary at the same time. This would be my first advice: talk about what you do with people wo care and who will encourage you, trying to improve your style, your story. Someone who can say what’s good, and what’s not.


Maylis : Exactly! It took me years to share my work with someone that was not you to have different opinions, and the closer the people were, the more important their opinions were. Being able to accept a different point of view takes time. And that is the hard part. I do not think it is human nature to admit our weaknesses, but to be able to overcome them we have to acknowledge their existences starting this acceptation process. Only then we are ready to change. And this is my first advice: do not force yourself. And TAKE YOUR TIME!


Jordan : Preach! We have to take time to know where we want to go. Why are we writing? What’s the point? Is it for you? For others? I’m sure that the first thing to do to write is to be honest with yourself, taking a step back to get the bigger picture. I remember we’ve talked a lot about his. And it has helped me so much! And it is still doing so.


Do not try to be someone else! Be honest and you will stay motivated. Writing is a work coming from your soul, it is about pouring your heart out giving it the opportunity to beat for others. We will continue this discussion really soon, be sure of it.


DGive us your thoughts about it! What are your best advices? Your working routine? We want to hear from you to improve ourselves as writers, but mostly as humans. And who knows…you might be surprised!




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