MOVIE: Split or a trip into human psyche

February 22, 2017

This is a movie that we’ve been waiting to watch for months. And it was worth it. Today we talk about “Split” the brand new horrific/psychological thriller dealing with a multiple personality disorder.

This is the story of three girls abducted by a sick man with 23 different personalities. He kidnaps them, keeps them underground, and that is where the psychosis starts. Every time he gets back, he is a different person. Sometimes violent, sometimes sweet, adult, or childish, the three prisoners are unable to predict who he will be next time. But mostly if they will get out alive.


A thriller based on a medical mystery.


Multiple personality disorder is used to describe the existence of multiple personalities inside a single body. Woman, man, child, every single personality has its own story, habits, diseases; and they all co-exist, making the life of the patient a living hell. Memory loss, bipolar-like attitude, the patient is not in control anymore. This trouble is essentially caused by a traumatizing childhood, marked by strong events that have forced the patient to create different identities to cope with it. This pathology makes people question the limits of mind power over the body, and the impact of our beliefs over our abilities.


James MacAvoy: A dose of pure acting


The kidnapper is embodied by the insanely talented James McAvoy, that we already have had the chance to discover as Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, or besides Angelina Jolie in “Wanted”. Even if the actor had already shown us his talent in these blockbusters, we are way above the previous level. Inside one character’s body, he has 23 to 24 different interpretations, always staying true to each identity, mastering each move and intensity. He gives a real existence to these personalities who share the same body. Breath-taking.


Anya Taylor Joy: A breakout star


Yes, James MacAvoy’s interpretation is astonishing and offers its share of emotionally intense scenes, but it would be nothing without Anya Taylor Joy’s interpretation of Casey, a young teenager trapped by a past that comes back to haunt her. Smart and careful, she is captivating, and everything in her drags you deeper into the storyline: her look, the intensity behind her sharp eyes, we want her to be safe because she deserves it. I won’t tell you more about her story or the end of the movie because this is something you must discover for yourself, or you would miss the whole point of the movie.


Why YOU SHOULD rush into your theatres:

  • The omnipresent tension that gets you from the very beginning.

  • A talented cast, and a fascinating medical mystery.

  • A great directing, giving strength to the scenario.

Split, a life-changing movie.


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