Olivia's Kitchen#1: The easy recipe for a poppy/lemon cake

April 3, 2017

As a lot of us, you probably watch these cooking shows and when it is time to do it all by yourself, we burn the cooking pan, smother our living rooms, you get it, it is a pain in the...yep that part.   


So why don't we just cook some simple but really tasty stuff? 


In an attempt of helping you out, we called our own cooking Wonderwoman: Olivia


And today she treats us with her poppy/lemon cake recipe





170gr of caster sugar

Yellow lemon zest

3 eggs

100gr of liquid cream 

190gr of wheat flour

1TS of baking powder

1 dash of salt flower

70g de beurre fondu

jus de 1 citron

2CS de graines de pavot

Syrup: 1 lemon juice + 1TS of sugar

Icing : lemon juice + 100gr of icing sugar


Pre-heat the oven 


Mix sugar and lemon zest, then add the eggs. Then keep mixing, adding the cream. 

Add the wheat and the baking powder (that you've already sieved), then add the salt flower and keep mixing. 

Add the melted butter, and mix really well before adding the lemon juice and the poppy seeds. 

Put the whole mixture in the oven for about 35min checking the cooking with a knife. Once out of the oven, use the syrup on the cake and let it cool a bit. Take it out of the mold. 

Once cold, use the icing on the top of the cake.


This is a simple cake, yet so tasty and original. 

You will want to have one more slice, trust us! 



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