OUT: I take you with me to the concert Of Ed Sheeran

April 6, 2017

Disclaimers : This article is 100% fangirling about Ed'. I shout my heart out to the world about my love for the man. I had already written an article about his latest album Divide in which I did my best to stay objective (lol), but it was obvious that the lightening would strike a second time. 


An extraordinary show


Bercy lit up for 1h with the first part of the concert (Anne-Marie and her Rockabye just killed it!), but when the lights were on again, we knew the real deal was on its way. Technicians got on stage, only leaving two mics' behind. And then it's dark, and we hear Castle on The Hills played by the most gorgeous red head on earth (well it might be a tie between him and Rupert Grint but still). For 2h Ed Sheeran would set the stage on fire with no less than 20 songs, without taking a break. But beyond the physical performance, the artistic dimension of the concert was astonishing. Alone, with only his guitar, Ed was doing everything by himself! Looping, recording some songs, backed-up by a fantastic choir...Everything was amazing! Eat that Britney, that's what true artists do. 

A 2 hours musical orgasm


Of course Ed Sheeran played some songs from his latest album, but he also granted us the real pleasure of playing some covers and mash-ups, like the one he did with Rag'n'Bone's' Human and I See Fire, or even New Man with Don't. The increasing rhythm of Bloodstream made our hearts pound like hell! You Need Me, I Don't Need You gave me the final shovel strike. What we felt during this concert was beyond understandable. Ed Sheeran knows out to put on a show that's for sure, going from his own fingerpicking guitar style to some rap sessions, ending with some looping magic. Our heart raced after each song, and reached its climax when Ed waved up the French flag in the air. That's only when he had stopped playing that I realised I was running out of breath. 


We can't wait for 2018


One last "thank you see you next year" and he leaves the stage. Risking pushing the sexual comparison a bit too far, we felt like we had the night of our lives, and then felt so angry seeing him leave without a final kiss. We wanted to keep him for ourselves just a little bit longer, maybe a final Photograph could have done the trick. But this "see you next year" was like candy to our ears. So Ed', I just wanted you to know that you stole my heart that night, unleashing my inner groupie like never before. I'll be at the Parc des Princes in 2018, trust me! 


Come back Ed, because France loves youuuuuuu!

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