My book shelves #5: The minds of billy milligan

March 29, 2017

You must have heard of "Split" staring an astonishing James McAvoy suffering from a multiple personnality disorder, who ends up kidnapping three teenagers. Did you actually know that this story was based on a true one? Let me introduce you to Billy Milligan.



A medical thriller soaked in real life serum...


Ohio State Police works on a triple rape whose vitims got out alive but traumatized too. They finnaly end up recognizing their attacker who kept in his own house all of their belongings. But someting seems off about the guy. He is silent and terrified, and a minute later kind of sassy and full of sarcasm. Thus making his lawyer wandering if there was something more to the equation: Who is he, and what's wrong with him?


This is were the story becomes more than singular...


William Stanley Milligan is the victim of a psychiatric disorder called "multiple personnality disorder". Inside of one body, 24 different people are co-existing. Comming from the whole world, there are some women, some men, and even children. This is were the trip inside Billy's colorful psyché starts. Sometimes he is Ragen, a protecteur with a very strong Yugoslav accent gifted with guns and other weapons. But he is Adalana too, a young lesbian artist craving for true love. Arthur is also there with is London spirit, and can analyze a situation very precisely. And when he is not all of them, he is also Allen, a sociable artist,


A guy that takes your heart hostage and give it back to you at the very end...


Which is mind blowing with the story, is Billy himself (by that I mean all of his personnalities), raped child, hurt and traumatized, he had no other solution than spliting his own self, creating guardians to take the pain, knowledges and love. Each personnality is a direct child from this fragmentation. I was so deeply moved by the story because we cannot imagine how tough his life was, and how brave and courageous he had to be to go through all of this. Because even if Billy is far from being perfect, he is just a broken child, searching for meaning. I'm so blessed for having read this book, that I can just recommand you read it ASAP!


Keep in mind that the story you'll discover is a true one, written in an insanely talented way by Daniel Keyes who simply wrote this book for "all the chil victims, particularly for those who kept it a secret..."

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