My Book Shelves #1: Michael Vey - The Prisoner of Cell 25

March 2, 2017

It’s already too hard to be a teenager, even more when you are somehow special. Michael Vey – The prisoner of cell 25, tells the story about Michael, an extraordinary boy with two peculiarities: First he has Tourette’s syndrome, making his life a bit harder than usual. Secondly, he has an ability, he can produce electricity, and this is pretty cool. With his best friend Ostin and Taylor, the beautiful cheerleader, they are at the very core of a fantastic plot that will change their life forever. Hunted down by a mysterious organisation, they will have to stick together, in order to survive.

My opinion:


It’s been a while since I have fallen in love with a teen saga, and I must say that I’m far from being disappointed. 24 hours after the acquisition of the first book, I had already started the second one.


What I liked :


- The characters’ relationship. They are really bold, brave and full of imagination. That’s the exact type of character I want to buy band new books about.

- The power theme. I will throw a ball of lightning at the first people who say to me they’ve never dreamt about having to face destiny with fireballs or thunder strikes. Michael embodies perfectly this very point. He is trying to find his right path, thus protecting his secret. He is like us, but very different on a cellular level.
- Evil bad guys. I won’t say a lot about them because you must discover their evilness through new eyes. But trust me, you will love hating them….humpf…Nichelle…


What I did not like :


- There is just one point to be completely honest, and I do not know if this happened because I read the French version of it, but at first I was scared by the simplicity of some of the dialogues and some aspect of the core plot. But I kept reading it and finally it all changed when they start getting hunt down by the bad guys. It all shifted, and the storyline became dense and well written.




I would recommend this book to you:


- If who were born during the Harry Potter era.
- If you are a nerd, and proud to be.
- If you are looking for more than one book.
- If you like superheroes evolving in a James Bond kind of way.
- If you like pastries and donuts.


See you I have the third book to buy! - credit card running away - 

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