MT#4 : Safari Chic

February 23, 2017

Welcome to the jungle... Or so Axl Rose would say.

Because today's micro-trend is one that we like to call Safari Chic!


This trend is not unfamiliar with catwalks and it is back for the '17 Spring/Summer collections. Let's have a look.


Lots of khaki, burnt oranges, browns and nude for a look straight Out of Africa (see what I did there?) This year though careful how you want to play it because it is all about sophistication and femininity.


Somptuous draping, expensive fabrics, skin leather and über-feminine fits, it's all about that rich desert princess vibe, not George of the Jungle's.


Balmain elongates silhouettes with maxi dresses showing sexy cut-outs while Bottega Veneta and Hermès prefer showcasing trousers with femininity and elegance. One thing is for sure (and Isabel Marant wouldn't say otherwise): it's all about the sensual high waisted look.


Don't forget to bring your pair of heels and we are ready to go look for cheetas. Well... You know what I mean ;)


Best of the Jungle's looks on The Sight's Pinterest:



Thoughts on being Safari trendy? Comments are down below!





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