MOVIE : We loved 50 Shades Darker, and you?

February 15, 2017


"50 Shades of Grey..."


It is likely that you are one of those who have seen or heard of this crazy saga (originally adapted from a fan fiction based on The Twilight phenomenon), and, because at The Sight, we looooove to analyse the cultural hits in general, we couldn’t pass on 50 Shades Darker, second movie of the 50 Shades franchise which had a huge impact on social liberation. We’ve seen women being freed on different levels, and matters like sexual inhibition and hard core sexual practices (normally kept hidden) put in front of the stage.


For those of you who might have missed the train, here is your chance to catch up. 50 Shades of Grey was all about Anastasia, a young student, who met a multi-millionaire with a special taste for latex and crazy sexual toys. After the initial temptation and sex, (SPOILER) it was obvious for the hero that they were not compatible enough on both romantic and sexual levels.


Part TWO...


50 Shades Darker is all about the birth of a deep love story that brings Anastasia and Christian back together. They might be different, but we feel that they intrinsically belong together. The sex scenes have a different taste (pun intended) and we discover two people who love each other, making us feel less of a voyeur and more of a love witness. The scenes are hot (we also go there to have a glance at it, right…?) but thoughtful and deep, thanks to the beauty and the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.


The soundtracks are amazingly right, and illustrate the scenes in a perfect way. We can hear some Taylor Swift, The Weeknd or even Halsey. We feel the emotions, and we ask ourselves what did we miss in our lives while coming across those fantastic cars and highly expensive dresses that could burn your credit card to the ground?


50 Shades Darker will allow you to spend a good evening with friends, or even with your loved one, creating a fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons.


It is certain that critics are confronting each other, some of them will think this franchise is pure genius, when others will only see it as sexual and pervert.


One thing is sure about us: we are on board!


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