Logan, the end of an era...

March 9, 2017

A trailer showing an old and dying Wolverine, we just could not handle it. For you, we went out there to discover his story, and we are way beyond satisfaction. An old Wolverine, we were kind of surprised at first. Pay your goodbyes to the X-Men, and say Hi to the normal life. Almost, if it wasn't for this rusty industrial complex lost in the middle of a desert, in a mexican cartel atmosphere kind of way. And then we get it. This movie is not the typical X-Men, but more of Logan's story. You will not see the superhero task force, so do not expect them. 

Charles Xavier and Logan: A father/son kind of relationship.


The emotional touch of the movie is without any doubt Charles Xavier. Creator of the mutant academy, he is now old and losing touch with reality. Taking a cocktail of meds everyday, he struggles keeping is power under control, reminding us what it is like to be in the final chapter of someones life. This does not mean he is not Logan mentor anymore, because he has made his final goal to help our dear Wolverine finding closure, in a very emotional kind of way.


A movie for adults.


Logan is settled in a very singular atmosphere, dark and violent. We discover life at its raw state. We can easily relate to Logan life. He is thinking about money, health, coping with regrets and loneliness, in short, a universal set of thoughts. This movie is adult-oriented that's for sure.That's why we do not recommand you taking your kids to see it, because the blood and violence would be hard to explain. 




You should stop reading here if you do not wish to find some key elements of the film! 




We did warn you...


A fatherly figure


Yes, what moved us to our very core is the relationship between Logan and wild Laura, a mutant raised in a scientific facility, who is actually Logan's daughter. We all know that the chiseled chest hides a heart as big as the world, but after a lifetime spent losing the ones he loves, this heart is bleeding. And finally salvation has got a name: Laura with her deadly claws. They see each other, discover each other, and at the end they understand. Tears will flow, trust us. 


Logan, it is already in your theaters. You have to see it!


We scratch you..hum...love you! We love you!

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