Live well #2: Emotion Transfer and How to Use it.

February 21, 2017

We are happy to have you back for this second edition of “live well”, and today it will revolve around you being aware of emotions.

(For those of you who might have missed the first edition, click here)


In the first “live well”, we introduced you to the gratitude list, asking you to start practicing it daily. It’s time for you to go further than that.


Catching up:


-          The law of attraction = you reap what you sow.

-          Harvest positive energies, and being aware of what you have instead of what you don’t have.

-          The world is in constant motion, and people share their own energies with you (obviously or not).


It is quite obvious that, to be truly able to understand the law of attraction, you have to work on emotions and feelings. In this second edition, we want to explain those energies a bit further, and explain to you how to improve your control over them, to harvest the good effects.


First step: Sort things out


If you are a deeply sensitive person, also known as the empathy phenomenon, the chances for you to be hyper sensitive to the emotions around you are very high, and that’s a beautiful thing. But it can also drain you out of energies.


Explanation time: If you are surrounded by happy people, who are positive and optimistic, your empathy can be a very good thing, because you will benefit from the general atmosphere. You may feel stronger, relaxed, offering you a boost to tackle your day.


On the other hand, and that can be troublesome, if you surround yourself with negative people, your nature will overcompensate and that can be exhausting. If they are angry or upset, it can have an impact on you, creating a general tension that appears as toxic for your well-being; making you regret some words or actions you wouldn’t have done in another situation.


Second Step: Build a wall (not the Trump type though)


The first task you have to do if you feel empathy towards others, now that you are more sensitive to what you have (gratitude list) is to be able TO LISTEN TO YOUR EMOTIONS.


Yes it can be obvious, but I can assure you that in half of the situations you will have to face, you are “affected” by someone’s energy, and your ability to keep your calm can be reduced in a gigantic way.


When in this situation, the first thing to do is to build a mental wall between you and the other person. See it, listen to what the person says, notice the voice's fluctuation, analyse the gestures, and use all these details to create a mental gap. The aim of it is to truly be aware of the fact that these emotions are not yours to be dealt with. The key of this process is to act as if you were out of your body, observing the scene from the outside.


Third Step: The empathic reaction


If you feel empathy, you will want to go with your nature, trying to deal with the situation to help the other person, to ease their pain, solve their problems. We won’t tell you not to do so, because we know how hard it is to go against your feelings. Instead we will come with a list of advice to handle these troublesome situations in the next edition of “live well“ . Take care.


We love you for whoever you are!


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