Lights over History: Hidden Figures

March 23, 2017

How to tackle the issue of racism and sexism in an 60’s America without doing a drepressing thing? Theodore Melfi has an aswer for you...


Hidden Figures, it’s the true story of three women: Mary, Katherine and Dorothy, and back then, being a woman, and even more a black woman was already a challenge of its own. The movie is setting the story in the NASA, which was exclusively ruled by white men. Dorothy will become the first black woman to supervise NASA, Mary the first black engineer, and Katherine one of the best mathematician of her time (the first space explorations were due to her work!)



A story from a smart perspective


Theodore Melfi’s bet on Hidden Figures was a risky thing: talking about segregation, sexism and telling a true story without being boring was a challenging task to deal with. But it was worth it. After having watched this film, we have faith in humanity again. Emotional scenes, friendship, love but mainly overcoming prejudices, the recipe is a winning one. We see three women fighting to show their skills, having their voice heard, never taking no for an answer and fighting like beasts to be acknowledge. They shine in a field we no one would have bet on her in a first place. The movie director never hides the truth about that time, but doing in a way to promote positivism and bravery.


A cast that touches the stars


Clearly, the film would be nothing without its actresses, who seem to be born for these roles. Sometimes when you discover a biopic you find yourself thinking “is it how it actually happened?”, here this is never the case. Kevin Costner also stands out as a brilliant defender of science, promoting work before the colour of one’s skin. Jim Parson was also a very good surprise, still as a gifted mathematician (but far less funny than in The Big Bang Theory)


The final words…


Hidden Figures is a feel-good movie, different from its biopic pears. This movie will give you faith in mankind, seeing how far we’ve come on civil rights, women places, giving us the need to move our damn ass to make a change promoting open mindedness and acceptance.


For those of you who like the smell of a good book, the story is adapted from “Hidden Figures” by Margot Lee Shetterly...

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