Gorillaz 5th album will be released on April, 28th

March 21, 2017

This week was surprise week for us when we realised Gorillaz was back after a long time.


All of us have seen, growing up, their videos picturing an animated universe, with a dark atmosphere, and an "avant-garde" kind of touch. Well, they did it again (not in a Britney kind of way), releasing "Saturn Barz", thus using the 360° technology. And the whole thing is almost supernatural. 

Some songs we could have been expecting, but there is more to that...


Humanz uses some reggae tones, associated with hip hop, and electronic pulses, and the all album is working out quite well. (It reminds us of the fantastic "Blurryface" released by Twenty One Pilots). The album is full of featuring, making us happy to doscover Popcaan, or even the freaking awesome rapper D.R.A.M. 


For those of you who might have deleted it from your goldfish memories, that was Gorillaz. 



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