An initiative called "The Uncomfortable Truth"...

May 11, 2017

Today, The Sight Team is hosting a really meaningful interview. Why you should ask? You'll see it right away! We take you outside of the Hexagon, in a flight that will take you to England. London if we want to be accurate. Get ready to meet with a really kind-hearted and caring woman: Lola. 



Jordan: Hey boss! I don't know if I still have to call you boss, or maybe friend would be better? What do you think?


Lola: Haha! Just Lola will do. Although I do miss you calling me boss.

(For the readers at home: Jordan used to be an intern at LeadGeneratorsDigital, a London-based Digital Marketing agency where Lola is a Manager.


Jordan: I'm really happy to be able to use my platform to speak up about the great project you've been carrying on for months now. I've been checking it from time to time, and I must say how proud we are about this initiative here at The Sight. This, for us, is the perfect example of a pure heart doing its best to make the world a better place!


Lola: Why, thank you! I've never been one to believe in changing the world, but I have confidence in the power of small initiatives to make a difference, and for small changes to add up over time.


Jordan: So, let's get into it shall we? What is the concept behind "The Uncomfortable Truth"? And what can you tell us about it?



Lola: The Uncomfortable Truth was set up as a safe space where individuals from all walks of life can come together and share their stories. In both our online and offline spaces, we do our best to make sure that everyone is treated with respect.


We host monthly Meetups where each time, we invite a guest speaker to come and share their lived experiences, so that we can all listen and learn from different perspectives.


So far, we’ve had 5 speakers: Aithghen Huskinson talking about their experiences of navigating the gender binary as someone who is genderfluid; Chris Hall sharing his experiences of living with an anxiety disorder and depression; Kay Holford giving us an insight into her life as a disabled polyamorous parent; Cassie Kinoshi talking about the (often harsh) realities of being a black female creative; and Ruka Johnson sharing her experiences of navigating micro-aggressions, harassment and discrimination as a queer black woman working in the British TV and film industry.


Our upcoming Meetup (on the 26th of May) is going to be a conversational-style setup with two Muslim feminists, Maria Q and Fouzia Siddique.


I think many of us live in an ‘echo chamber’ where we surround ourselves with people who experience the world in a similar way to ourselves. Through Social Media and search engine algorithms, we are also more likely to be fed the kinds of content that only confirm our current belief systems and biases. Because I think that for most people in these parts of the world there are already enough spaces to be in one’s comfort zone, I wanted to contribute to creating more spaces where people can step out of those comfort zones; accessible spaces that welcome everyone to listen, learn, mingle and connect with people who have different, diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Jordan: What motivated you to create such an initiative? And how are people responding to it?


Lola: I think what motivated me is the realisation of how much we don’t know about what individuals around us go through/experience on a daily basis, and how often we are being inconsiderate of each other without realising it.

As globalisation is happening, our societies are becoming more and more diverse – and I think that we often aren’t mentally prepared yet to deal with this. If we want to create a living space where everyone feels heard and appreciated for exactly who they are – including their sexuality, body, ethnicity, gender, disability, lifestyle, religion, etc. – we need to make an effort to educate ourselves into becoming better fellow humans.


What I really like about this project is that it seems to be valuable to different people in different ways. From our speakers, I often hear things like: “doing this talk really boosted my confidence”, or “I like how you’ve created a space where people can ask me questions without it feeling like an intrusion.” From attendants who could relate to the speaker’s story I often hear that it’s been valuable hearing that they’re not alone in their experience. And the best thing that has happened when it comes to our attendants, is when people leave feeling like “their mind is blown” with all this new information and with all these new perspectives.


And when it comes to me personally, I love how The Uncomfortable Truth talks are allowing me to constantly expand my own mind, and learn from other people’s experiences.


Jordan: If some people currently living in London want to join your talks, where can they find you and your friends?


Lola: Thanks for asking! Wherever you are in the world, I’d like to invite you to join our Facebook group. The Facebook group is where speakers, organisers and community members share their favourite content sources, have discussions, ask open questions, and share information about our talks. 


On, you can find an overview of our upcoming and past events, as well as some more information about what we do and how we aim to do it.


Jordan: It is now time for the last question, which will end this interview, and it is a simple one. We based our blog on a concept we have called "The Sight". In your mind, no matter how long your answer will be, what does "having The Sight" mean to you?


Lola: In the context of The Uncomfortable Truth, I am going to say that having “The Sight” means having perspective. It means expanding your views and your understanding beyond what’s comfortable and familiar to you. It’s seeing and analysing the world in ways you might not normally.


Jordan: Thanks a lot for the time you've granted us, we really appreciate it and we simply want to tell you how much you inspire us! We which you all the luck in the world.


Lola: Jordan, I am so proud of you and your team as well! I’m so glad that life allowed me to get to know such an inspiring person, and I hope your blog continues to be a great success!




See, we did not lie, Lola is one hell of an angel! So if you are currently living in London, or planning to go there even for a couple of days, try to get in touch with them. You won't regret it. For us, it is time to fly back to France and grab a tasteful croissant. See you really soon!

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