Iron Fist punches us right in the face!

March 18, 2017

Iron Fist is the perfect example of the Marvlix association (Marvel and Netflix), and will also be part of the Defenders (which will be released later this year) a superhero group composed with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Iron Fist tells the story of Danny Rand, a billionaire who presumably died in a plane crash when he was still a teenager. After 15 years spent with warrior monks, he comes back to New York to find his purpose. 


Being created by Marvel, we obviously find the same recipee: super powers and fights, embodied by the Iron Fist (a glowing spiritual technique increasing strength and stamina of the one who's been chosen for the task). I've only seen the first three episodes, following the rule, to keep my objectiveness and avoid spoilers at the same time. 


What we like about it :


This is a work between both Marvel and Netflix, and that's an efficient duo (we all remember the perfect seasons of Daredevil). I was kind of disapointed when I discovered Luke Cage because of the repeating pace and the hero himself, but this is not the case here. Before it was officially released, the reviews were quite strong criticizing its lack of depth compared to the other TV shows, but here at The Sight, we do not agree at all! 


The first difference, is that here we do not know Danny Rand at all, just like we do not know what happened during the years he's been missing. Second great point, is that the action starts quite early, we have the fights we crave for, discovering at the same time the Asian culture through Tai Chi and Kung Fu. We see what he is capable of really quickly. 


Marvlix's true force is the fact it is giving a true identity to its heroes. Here the series is lighter, clear as day, and Danny appears a bit naive and childish in the way he evolves in this new environment. This is totally different from Daredevil(kind of suicidal), and Jessica Jones(alcoholic, depressed, and fighting against PTSD). And after having watched Luke Cage's raw strength, we can know appreciate Danny's martial finesse.


Another good point is the obvious continuity into the Marvel's universe, heroes are appearing in Danny's storyline, thus picturing a complete world. 


What we like a little less :


After the first three episodes, I'm still objective enough to see the flaws, but what I'm about to say might improve in the other episodes.


The shortcuts that are being taken can sometimes be unrealistic, showing some holes in the scenaristic net. The pseudo-resistance coming from Colleen about helping Danny does not feel real. Same thing for Joy who's saying to Danny "OMG you're alive, let's catch up" and a few minutes later "You went missing for 15 years, what were you thinking? Sign these damn papers would you?" Harold Meachum is for us the big question mark, he only seems to be here for the sake of the storyline and some of his actions seem off (What's his purpose?)


Final words...


To sum up, Iron Fist has a great potential to be a hit series, but in order to do so, it has to stop using clichés in its scenarios. To this day, only one Defender has really captured my attention, and I really hope Iron Fist will make me change my mind (which will be really hard because I'm a hardcore fan of Daredevil #daredevilhasthesight).




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