Live well #4: Need a life change?

April 21, 2017

Yes we know, it's been a while since we've talked together. You've been waiting for "Live Well #4" for ages, but now you'll be rewarded, so shout out to us, take off your tops, throw them on the stage, and shout until your vocal cords break ! Nope ? Fiiiine ! So just sit back, relax, and be ready to take notes, because "Live Well #4 is coming you way"...


We are now very close to the end of April, and where some people are shouting "April - we'll still be there", for us it is more something like "Whatever the date, it's never to late to take happiness' bait". You got it right ? Today we will talk about finding your inner self. 


Talking is the way to go...


Having those moments is perfectly fine, there is no problem with shouting it out loud. We settle, we think, and we tell ourselves we could use some changes. But what often happens is that we only keep it to ourselves instead of sharing it with other people. Often out of fear, remaining silent is not the solution. Don't forget it is okay to be vulnerable from time to time. 


To all of it, you need to put an end. Whoever you may be, a young adult trying to figure out his path, a mum who wants to take so time for herself, or even a CEO on the edge of the burn-out cliff, we all feel the same. Stop fearing being vulnerable, on the opposite, when you feel this type of moments are close, just embrace it, feel sad if you need to, this is the way you inner voice expresses itself. 


Talk to those who matter. The odds they've already experienced something similar are really high. Exchange your best advices, and don't forget to laugh, there is nothing wrong with it and it is easy to find a solution. And you know it. 


Analyze your existence. 


Why are you in this situation ? Is it because of your work that is taking too much space ? Is it heart-related, and the tendency you have to be a never ending wreck ? A couple of bad habits ? Make a list. This is the best way to sort things out ! You will then be able to focus on the things you need to work on. 


Make Some decisions, even if they are big ones...


You sometimes need to change a couple of things to really improve your daily life. It may be food-related, a new job, or even a trip abroad. Check out the hygge to now what to do in this type of situation. Find what's best for you. Each change will allow you to blow off some steam. You know what we say at The Sight: "happiness is to be built not to be chased". 


S....sss...ssport might be the key (even to say it is tough), plan some alone time, read, cultivate your happiness. AND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, DO YOU. We put an end to masochism and we do some good to ourselves, right ?


Take some time to think about it, and we will see each other soon to deal with the best way to organise yourself in this thought process: the BuJo.


We love you so much, and we've already ordered a rainfall of positive energy, it is currently coming your way. 



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