MT#5 : Buckle Up !

March 1, 2017

This year as far as bags are concerned, you gotta buckle up!


It has taken the hot spot of this S/S season on social media: the Dionysus bag by Gucci (they are unstoppable at this point!). Definitely the it-bag of the moment and spotted on every fashion influencer's shoulder. A clean cut and simple lines, what is so appealing about this number is without a doubt its metal buckle with tiger heads.

Dionysus plays on both sides as well, bringing to the table the hardware buckle AND crazy embroidery all over! If you want to catch up on that trend, you can click here to see the article.


If Dionysus buckle bag is now's hot thing, it is not the only one. Chloe won't go down without a fight and showcases its very trendy Faye. Similar cut and lines, Chloe however brings a perfectly round and sturdy buckle with a chain, paired with a contrasting textured look. A minimalist jewel that also has had everyone talking.


Careful now, challenger Pierce from J.W. Anderson also could steal the spotlight with its “piercing” inspired buckle and its neo chic vibes. This bad boy could probably make all the good girls go bad too.


Another option for the trendiest of fashionistas out there who are not afraid to be their favourite brands' cheerleaders: ditch the standard round buckle for an iconic monogram: Gucci's famous GG, entertwined Chanel's C's, Hermès' single H, rainfall YSL, and even Louis Vuitton who forgot about its checked pattern for a minute to simply sign LV.

Monograms are definitely this season's bags' jewels and the epitome of chic.


And now we've come full circle!


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So are we buckling it up or not?





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