FI#3 : Emma Stone

February 23, 2017

Yesterday marked the 89th Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles and the evening came with unexpected events to say the least. One thing that we did expect though was Emma Stone winning Best Actress for La La Land! Her charm full of life and the emotions she conveys throughout the entire movie go beyond screen. Let's not even talk about her speech which quite frankly left us with watery eyes. How can we not love Emma Stone after all this?


Beyond the fact that Miss Stone is an excellent actress, she's also quite a delight when it comes to style. How convenient! That is just what we are talking about today.


What we love about Emma Stone is that she knows how to play both sides: perfect girl next-door in the streets of LA, she goes vavavoom on the red carpet. When her off duty style is quite casual (Emma rocks the combo jeans & flats like no other), on the red carpet she is bold in color and retro dresses that compliment her delicate frame and porcelain skin.


What we can take away from our Miss Stone's style lesson? Queen of the flat shoe: sandals, ballet flats, boots, she still keeps her looks preppy chic with jeans and peter pan collars, infused with a touch of boho accessories and the occasional denim dungarees.

But when it comes to being a true lady, Emma puts on her stilettos and works that midi skirt like a dream.


And we are digging it.


To see Emma Stone's best looks on The Sight's Pinterest, click here!


And you, have you seen La La Land yet? What did you think of Emma's performance? Let us know in the comments below!





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