MT#3: In Your Nets

February 19, 2017

A trend that slightly smells of strip clubs aka not so classy has quietly boarded the 2017 fashion train... Do you know what trend i'm referring to?


Fishnet tights, of course!

We Frenchies call them “résille”. This item has risen from its ashes and pops up on social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest lately but also on people right out of catwalks from Fashion Week.


Careful now, wearing it in 2017 brings kind of a different touch than before: paired with a skirt it is great to contrast this super sexy garment with sneakers! This makes for a quirky look that we love.


This season's new twist though is to wear them under ripped denim jeans rather than skirts, giving that peek-a-boo effect.

Some fashionistas go all the way in cutting off the pockets and bringing the fishnets up to the waist. Wear a crop top and you can see the fishnets peeking through, as well as it cinching the waist. There you go, you just killed two birds with one stone.

Special shoutout to the fishnet socks, so freaking adorable!


Fishnets are often black, however white, nude and even some embellished with rhinestone definitely bring this trend to the next level! Big or small, the pattern always has a striking effect so don't worry about getting it wrong ;)

Mixed with streetwear/sportswear, the fishnet tights have stepped into the light and give our outfits a delightful 90's twist.



Best fishnet style on The Sight's Pinterest, right this way:


Fishnets, in or out?




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