Legion, the new show adapted from the Marvel Universe is OUT. Review.

February 10, 2017

Legion is embodied by David Halley, who is Charles Xavier’s son in the comics (even if we cannot say if this is gonna be the case in the series yet).


First and foremost, we are far, not to say really far, from the Marvel atmosphere (meaning don’t expect a Thor coming your way because it is so not happening). First impression: we are kind of lost during the first minutes of the show because David does not come across as the typical mutant.  


Before even considering being a hero or whatever, David is introduced as a schizophrenic guy with a heavy past made of visions and lost reality; taking us to the deepest part of human psyche, thus making us think “is what I’m seeing really there?”


The general atmosphere is heavy, with a cynical touch, and we can’t stop asking ourselves what is about to happen? We look for costumes, fire balls, etc, but none of it seems to be there. And then we soon realise that it is not gonna happen, I mean, not as we could easily expect because Legion is a deeply rooted psychological thriller, and that is unexpected.


The story continues, offering its shot of revelations, and we soon start to see the net created by the series all around us. Military matters, rescue mission, and action scenes, we finally get what was promised in the many teasers we’ve had the chance to discover: mutants, extraordinary abilities, and our minds start to rest.


The various scenes are well directed and crazy as we like them to be. There is even a Matrix kind of spirit that makes us really happy. Even if the general soundtrack can seem a bit odd, it is contributing to the general atmosphere which will surely be Legion’s own personal branding.


Quick synthesis:

  • We’ve got our super powers.

  • A hero with a highly interesting personality that bring us on board of the so-called enigma boat.

  • A military affair, with secrets that asked to be dug out.

  • And there is even a love story, kind of original, that reminds us of a Malicia/Iceberg power couple, with inside voices and guns added to the mix.


Legion, it is the new series that will stuck you inside your rocking chairs, leaving you begging for more.


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