Micro Trend #1 : Embroider me a denim

February 4, 2017

As it's still cold this time around, us fashion people dream of warmer days. Come flower embroidery, sassy words and looney cartoons laying on a classic staple that our wardrobe knows so well: denim. Oversized jean jackets, skinny jeans or flared, cut-off shorts... This trend gets comfy with all of your current favorite pieces. Keep it simple with a few words to pimp a boring pocket or go all in on the back of your denim jacket like Gucci: behold baroque feels. Everybody can explore their own take on this trend and that's what we love about it.


So go ahead and ask mum and her set of needles to DIY your favorite pair of jeans with you. Bonding time and killer look guaranteed.


Spring is calling on The Sight's Pinterest with this trend:



See gallery



How are you going to embellish your own denim piece for spring? Let us know in the comments below !

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