Live well #3: The empathy guide.

February 26, 2017

How many times have you ever found yourself trying to help another person to end in the middle of a never ending cr*p. Here at The Sight, we just want to give you some clues to deal with this kind of situation in the best way possible.

1. Smile


Simple, yet so efficient, it can be one of the best weapons. This is an emotional tool, able to show the others that we share their burden, and things can get better. Do not pity someone, because best case scenario they will say this is not what they want, but in the worst one they will jump right to your face like a freaking blood sucker so you can fix their problems.


2. Make'em laugh


Once you've established the first contact using your beautiful smile, try (if possible) to dedramatize the situation. If you want to help the other person, it is likely because you know him/her. If that is the case, use everything you know about her/him to make her/him laugh., play with words, make a joke, be ridiculous. The aim is to shift the emotional tone of the conversation into something positive.


3. Let's get physical


Touch the hand, tap on the shoulder; physical contact (animal or human) has always been a "tension release tool". It reminds the other that he/she is not alone. And that is important.


4. Shift the problems' perception


This is the “I can try to help you, but I can’t be fixing them instead of you”. Call it therapy time or whatever, the aim is to trigger an awareness phenomenon in the other person’s mind, that he/she is in control and can do something to improve the overall situation. Most of the time, a simple shift in the way you see things, allows you to list your priorities, coming out with a proper plan. Help he/she find the core problem. But you should never make yourself available at all time, you ARE NOT A HOLY SAVIOR. You are strong, but you have limits, and the other person must know that.


5. Energy


Share your knowledge, your experience, your happy vision, even if to do so you must appear as candid. Share your vision of the situation, give the outer sight, and put problems under a new light.


6. If nothing else works, run joey run!


We all know this one person who loves to complain in every single type of situation. You will probably not be able to shift his/her vision of things because this one person wants pity and attention. Do not waste your energy then, and try to find a way out. Too bad for her/him, but the people who do not want to help themselves, are not worthy of your time.


This is a lot to process, but give it a try. Next time you will find yourself in this type of situation (and this is going to happen, you can count on that) try to apply these simple advice. You might not be able to win this thing right away, but DO NOT GIVE UP. Allow yourself to recognize the battles you can win, and the one you cannot.


A rainfall of positive energies on your zucchini heads.

Never forget to give your best self a chance okay?!




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