My Book Shelves #2: The Myron Bolitar Saga by Harlan Coben

March 2, 2017

For those of you who like sarcasm and thrillers, let me introduce you to Myron Bolitar!


Where Marc Levy is the king of love stories, Harlan Coben rules over the thriller's kingdom. He wrote a lot of books, thanks to his genius mind, keeping us hostage from the very first page (yeah the cover is important that's actually how I discovered his books.) Even if some of his characters are in various books, his number one hero is undoubtedly Myron Bolitar. Ex-basketball player, turned into a lawyer, then an FBI agent and sports agent, he is at the core of many plots for his clients and sometimes his own sake.

My opinion :


Since 2011, Harlan Coben has been keeping us waiting with scattered characters with a dark future. But 5 years later, we are finally able to know what's about to happen with his last masterpiece called “Home”. That was about time!


What I liked :


  • The characters : They are the key element of what makes the Myron Bolitar saga so interesting. There is Win, a cold-blooded sociopath heir of a financial empire, who can only be mastered by Myron. Then comes Esperanza, who used to be a catcher, embodying the perfect sidekick with a strong sense of friendship. And there is Myron of course, who proves himself to be a sarcastic guy here to ease the general tension which grows throughout the pages.

  • The storylines : Harlan Coben is the suspense master. Each investigation is all about untangling and finding the truth behind personal stories and backgrounds. You discover the storyline thanks to some past events, thus improving the efficiency of his personal style. How was Win turned into this psychotic cold blooded being? Why did Myron leave the FBI? What is the emotionnal background between Myron and Esperanza? What's Win doing with his life? (you probably got it I'm obsessed by the man!)


What I did not like :


When you write so many books as the author did, it can be easy to fall into a repetition cycle, and it becomes easy to predict the general storyline. After having read some of his thrillers, it becomes obvious that the first suspect is never the one to blame, and that the truth can be found among the ones you expect the least (a really abstract caracter, far from being the main one.) Still, you can never completely guess everything and you get surprised. So it's just what you could blame thrillers for, you can never know what you can expect, and this is quite good actually...


Conclusion :


For those of you out there who could only survive eating thrillers, and those who live for sarcasm(hiding insecurities behind the humoristic mask) go and buy Myron Bolitar's story you won't be disappointed! It is the same thing for those who like to play with words, reliable characters, and unexpected endings. You just have to trust us.


Myron Bolitar's cycle :


Deal Breaker (1995)

Drop Shot (1996)

Fade Away (1996)

Back Spin (1997)

One False Move (1998)

The Final Detail (1999)

Darkest Fear (2000)

Promise Me (2006)

Long Lost (2009)

Live Wire (2011)

Home (2016)


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