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"Ever since i was a child, i've always loved the pop culture, I see "The Sight" as a way to build a amazing community sharing the same interests and values in order to form a big and wonderful family made of crazy beautiful people..."

"With both a communication and a language degree, it comes as no surprise that writing has always been my weapon of choice. "The Sight" is a space for sharing all things lifestyle, fashion, self-help and many more topics that are key interests for our generation."

"As far as I can remember, I've always been writing, showing my work to only a couple of people. Being part of "The Sight" is a chance for me to finally share what I have in my heart by contributing to a project that I truly love and which focuses on issues I can relate to."




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December 19, 2017

Quel genre de Maître Jedi est devenu Luke, Rey a-t-elle basculée du côté obscur, Finn et Poe ont-ils enfin leur histoire d'amour ? Article garanti 0 spoilers.

October 31, 2017

On était trop occupé à choisir entre Team Captain ou Team Iron-man alors que le choix évident est Team Thor.

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